Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Saw several trucks lately. One I'm leaning towards is a 1962 Fleetside we found in Covina, after looking at a '65 in Whittier and a couple of models ('64 and '68) in Riverside and San Bernardino. Here is an ad from Chevy's marketing folks in 1962:

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


For quite some time I have wanted to find an old Chevy pickup and fix it up a bit, use it to haul stuff, and generally have something cheap and fun with a peppy little small block in it. Maybe a 327 with a little bit of a lumpy cam. SoCal is full of old pickups. When I was in junior high there was an older kid at church who stomped around in a clean ’56 Chevy pickup and I really grew fond of that era and that style: the “eyebrows” above the headlights, the rake of the stance, the curvy yet solid look to the cab, and the aggressive grin the grille had. They are just cool!

And very stylish when they are clean and well restored.

But, the stepside form is not practical for my purposes and there don’t seem to be as many of the fleetside types available in my neck of the woods. That means I’ll be looking for a mid…

…to late ‘60s style instead.

There are – as I said – many in the area of California I live in, the Inland Empire as it is known, encompassing San Bernardino and Riverside counties. I used to work all over Fontana, where it seems every guy who worked for Kaiser Steel had a Chevy pickup. Part of the old steel plant is now the site of the California Speedway. So, I’m keeping my eye out, looking for the right truck to begin my project…

It's a project not an obsession.

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